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Solutions for airports and immigration entities

Systems, products, and equipment for passenger processing and identification specifically designed for airports and immigration agencies.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Secure transactions and processes.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • User-friendly experience and speed.
  • We ensure process compliance.

Access control solutions for

Passenger access control equipment for mass transportation systems.

Our equipment is designed to withstand high traffic, and its robustness, reliability, and long lifespan ensure operation with the lowest number of incidents. With over 40 years of continuous operation in mass transportation systems.

Benefits of our solutions:

  • Highly durable equipment with high MCBF (Min Cycles Before Failure)
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Services with specialized technical personnel

Soluciones de transporte masivo

Don't wait any longer for corrective maintenance, get in touch with our maintenance team to schedule preventive maintenance for your equipment.

Do you need an access control solution?

We have the experience and necessary products to develop solutions for pedestrian, vehicular, and passenger access control.

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